Application process

Call for applications

Dec 2023

Application submission

Due 19 April 2024

Application assessment

SRC meeting Late May/ early June 2024

Outcomes announced

June 2024

Project agreements and project start

June-July 2024

  • Call for Round 1 applications is active
  • Non-confidential discussion of application with MedChem Australia prior to submission is encouraged
  • Applicant will be able to nominate MedChem Australia Node they wish to be assigned to. This will be considered but is non-binding.
  • First round applications close 5 pm Friday 19 April 2024
  • Application will be completed and submitted online
  • A simple confidentiality agreement will be required as part of the submission process (one per organisation)
  • No limit on number of applications from an organisation
  • Appropriate organisational approval/consultation should be obtained prior to application
  • No compound structures to be shown in the application form
  • Applications will be competitively and independently assessed by the Selection and Review Committee (SRC).
  • The SRC will meet to consider Round 1 applications in late May /early June 2024.

Two step process:

  • Primary SRC assessment and short-listing of projects (no chemical structures reviewed)
  • Diligence step on short-listed projects where review of compound structures is undertaken
  • Projects not short-listed by the SRC will be notified directly. Feedback will be provided and unsuccessful applicants are able to apply in later rounds
  • Successful projects are allocated to a MedChem Australia node
  • Outcomes will be publicly announced once finalised
  • Formal contractual arrangements entered into between the project provider and the MedChem Australia node.¬†Project starts with agreed contract, project plan, resource levels and approximate cost in place.
  • Initial project duration is for ~ 1 year. Project performance and progression will be reviewed annually by the SRC with decisions made around project future
  • Frequency of calls for projects will be determined following outcomes of first round