First Call for Project Applications

December 19, 2023
MedChem Australia Announces its First Call for Project Applications

MedChem Australia is thrilled to announce its inaugural call for Round 1 project applications is now open. With a commitment to breaking down medicinal chemistry & DMPK capability barriers and fostering partnerships that promise to drive breakthroughs in drug discovery, MedChem Australia invites applications from researchers across Australia. This call for applications aligns with MedChem Australia’s goal to facilitate the translation of cutting-edge research into tangible advancements in drug discovery.

Key Details:

Application Period: First call for projects applications is officially open.

Eligibility: Applications are welcome from researchers from Australian Universities, Medical Research Institutes (MRIs) and small companies.

Deadline: Applications are due by 5 pm on Friday, 19th April 2024.

“This marks an important moment for MedChem Australia as we open our doors to applications from across the country” said Prof. Brendon Monahan, Director of MedChem Australia. “We are excited about the opportunity to engage with the Australian biomedical research community and, ultimately, demonstrating the transformative impact that collaborative efforts can have on advancing drug discovery and the creation of new medicines.”

Until the online portal for application submission is completed in January 2024, the Round 1 Application Form can be viewed on the MedChem Australia website, along with supporting information. A video of the recent MedChem Australia Information Session webinar, along with a copy of the associated slide deck, are also available on the website.

December 18, 2023
MedChem Australia announces its inaugural Selection and Review Committee (SRC)

MedChem Australia is proud to introduce its Selection and Review Committee (SRC), a fantastic assembly of 13 independent experts from across Australia to steer the organisation’s project selection and review processes. Comprising leading figures from academia, industry, and the clinic, the SRC embodies a wealth of knowledge across drug discovery disciplines, with specialised expertise spanning various therapeutic areas.

Chair of the SRC is Dr. Susan Pond AM, FRSN FTSE FAHMS, a preeminent leader in the fields of medicine, science, and corporate governance. Dr. Pond brings an unparalleled depth of experience within the Australian biotechnology landscape, making her an ideal choice to lead the SRC’s activities.

MedChem Australia extends its gratitude to all SRC members. Their collective expertise and dedication will play a pivotal role in steering MedChem Australia toward innovative and impactful projects in the upcoming years.

“We are privileged to have such a distinguished group of experts on our Selection and Review Committee,” said Prof. Brendon Monahan, Director of MedChem Australia. “Their diverse backgrounds and collective wisdom will undoubtedly contribute to the success of MedChem Australia as we embark on a new chapter of collaborative drug discovery.”

With the SRC now in place, MedChem Australia continues to advance through its establishment phase and, along with its first call for projects, the Initiative is poised to select, and subsequently begin, innovative drug discovery projects in the first half of 2024.